Common Misconceptions about CBD Hemp Oil

Misconceptions about CBD
Misconceptions about CBD
Misconceptions about CBD
Misconceptions about CBD

There are many misconceptions about CBD products, as it is a product of the cannabis plant, which is a highly discriminated plant. Such misconceptions are spread through the search engines, newspapers, and even legislative chambers. But those people who have used the product will not agree with these. The best way to know the truth is by educating yourself. This article will share common CBD myths and facts so that you understand the facts about CBD.

Know About CBD Oil

CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the 100 unique compounds, extracted from the hemp plant. They are basically used as a health supplement and is a very safe component of cannabis, that is more therapeutic in nature. However, it is believed to be associated with the feeling of “high”, that is proved to be a baseless argument by the many users and researches.

Let us discuss some of the top myths about CBD.

CBD Makes One “High”

Even though CBD is extracted from the hemp plant, it is a 100% non-intoxicating product, thus safe for human health. It is rumored to be euphoric or produce “high”, but it actually reduces the effect of psychoactivity in marijuana by reducing the activity of THC, which is the compound that gives the high feeling.

All CBDs Are Byproducts Of Marijuana

Normally, CBD is extracted from the industrial hemp plant and has been utilized as a legal health supplement. Hemp is a general plant cultivated by humans for centuries and used for many purposes. But marijuana is a different plant of the same family and is sometimes utilized as a product for recreational purposes to get the effect of “high”. Legal CBD is extracted from the hemp plant and not marijuana, therefore all CBDs are not byproducts of marijuana.

Similarity Between Hemp And Marijuana 

It is widely believed that hemp and marijuana are the same. As said above, both are members of the same family. Marijuana is known to have a compound called THC, which is a psychoactive compound responsible for the “high” feeling. Hemp extract contains a negligible amount of THC (0.3%) and is used in dietary supplements, skin products, clothing and also in making of paper.

CBD Causes Sedation

Researchers have confirmed through their findings that CBD is not a sedative, rather a catalyst for relaxing. However, the misconception that CBD is sedative might have arrived because of its origin. Most believe that CBD is an extract of the marijuana plant and not the industrial hemp. This might be the reason for this misconception.

More Amount Is Useful

There is another misconception about CBD. Many believe that if the amount of CBD consumed is more, the better will be the effect. The fact is that the therapeutic use of CBD is effective at low doses. Many factors can play a role in selecting the dosage of CBD one needs to use. However, having more CBD will not do you any good.

Despite the myths, there is no doubt regarding the benefits of CBD. In fact, it has become a real substitute for therapeutic drugs and many people have accepted it as a supplement.