Can CBD Oil Be Used For Cancer Treatment And Prevention?

Full Spectrum CBD
Full Spectrum CBD
CBD Benefits
CBD Benefits

Cannabidiol, or CBD is a term that is being thrown around all too often and is beginning to shine light on being a clue in treating and preventing multiple ailments and boasts of plenty of medical benefits. New to the debate is its supposed use in treating various forms of cancer.  We have the answers to your questions.

What is CBD Oil?

What most of us are uninformed of is that CBD oil is not the same as the marijuana people smoke for recreation. While the latter contains a compound called tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, the active ingredient that gets one delusional and intoxicated, the former has been researched and experimented on its high possibility for treating anxiety, recurring pain and the various other symptoms that arise for cancer patients. Although it has been researched, the results are not conclusive, and there is more yet to be studied about this mystery oil

CBD Oil as A Helping Hand In The Pursuit To Recovery

CBD helps control and diminish the various ailments faced by most cancer patients.

Controlling Pain

Cancer and its subsequent chemotherapy is truly a painful ordeal to face. Due to organ inflammation, and internal pressure the pain can sometimes skyrocket making it difficult for even traditional pain relievers to do its job. Use of CBD on the other hand helps in dimming the pain caused by nerve damage and widespread inflammation.

Nausea And The Betterment Of Appetite

The use of CBD oil helps create a psychoactive effect which in turn helps curb the gag reflex and relaxes the muscles especially that of the digestive tract. This is especially useful during extensive chemotherapy session where feeling of nausea is all too rampant. This in turn helps the patient in stimulating appetite and maintains a healthy nutritional intake.

CBD For Cancer Prevention And Treatment?

There is no strong basis for this conclusion, and trials are on-going at the moment. Studies with controlled groups have been conducted but the research which very much still in its infant stages.

During the Mid-2010s researchers found that CBD showed promise in inhibiting and slowing down the rate of growth and spread of tumor cell. However, one down side that was found was that this in turn suppressed the immunity system, causing the tumour to further spread.

Downside Of Using CBD Oil?

Since the cannabinoid receptors in the brain do not operate in the same way as that of other drug receptors, there is far lower risk of side effects. Plus there isn’t a lethal dosage since these works differently on the nervous system as other drugs do.

But there are downfalls, and cbd side effects are prevalent. Use of CBD must be done with prior recommendation of the doctor as they can interact with other medication that the patient could be under for and cause liver damage.  These other medications include Antibiotics, antidepressants, chemotherapy drugs, sedatives among many others

What We Learnt

CBD has a multitude of uses in controlling the various symptoms and gives much needed relief in times of immense pain. However consultation and recommendation from your doctor is a must to ensure that it’s more of a boon and not a bain!