What Drugs Should You Not Mix With CBD?


The CBD industry has turned into a powerhouse, of sorts. With the US government, finally legalising the lifesaving drug on the passing of their Hemp Bill in 2018, hemp derived CBD would be classified in the same league as wheat when it comes to matters of legality. This means that you can grow hemp, process, distribute via channels, and possess it. This opening up of the restriction meant that the CBD hemp industry practically grew overnight. What started with a few CBD manufacturers has grown out of proportion, to the thousands.

This meant that CBD has turned into a household name by now. The therapeutic miracle drug has been hailed for its extensive list of wellness and health benefits that far outweigh what most of the over-the-counter competitors in the market offer. From aspirin to ibuprofen- none are able to come close to the excellent side effects profile that CBD boasts of.

However, our focus lies not on the health benefits but on the CBD side effects – the particular side effect of mixing certain medications and drugs with CBD. Read on…

The Kryptonite Of CBD

The cannabinoid extracted from hemp primarily produces its effects by interacting with distinct receptors present along the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is a system that interlinks to various critical bodily functions right from sleep cycles, behavior and mood to the effectiveness of your immune response and the circulatory system. This is the same system that plays the role of maintaining a sense of balance among the various systems in the body i.e. homeostasis. It even plays a role in hormonal balance.

On interaction of the CBD with the ECS, many wellness and health benefits are exercised.

However, there are certain drugs that create a negative effect and negate the therapeutic effect of CBD. The CBD interacts with the body and gets metabolised or broken down by the P450 cytochrome enzyme- CYP2C19 and CYP3A4.

The fact that there are other medications that will also be broken down by the very same enzymes that break CBD, makes it dangerous to combine and mix them up, as it  will create a ‘competition’ amongst each other.

What Happens If The Drugs Aren’t Metabolised Just As Quick?

It would spell disaster for the body. The previously mentioned cytochrome enzymes are produced by the liver, which breaks down nutrients and medication once in the body. If the rate of metabolism reduces, it would mean that the drug will last in the blood stream longer and exert its effects longer. Let us look at a few medications that can wreak havoc in the body on mixing with CBD

Blood thinners- Medication like Warfarin and Coumadin fall in this category. CBD side effects on being used alongside blood thinners will lead to a higher concentration of it in the stream-this This could turn toxic and cause other complications.

Benzodiazepines- Medications like Xanax and Ativan fall in this category. The longer this persists in the system, the more sleepier and drowsier you will become. When it stays in your system for prolonged periods of time, it could even interfere with the respiratory system.

The other list of medications that you must be cautious when using with CBD include antidepressants, beta-blockers, antihistamines, antiretroviral and calcium channel blockers.

The exact science as to why CBD creates these side effects is still being studied. Researchers are in the midst of creating a new strain of hemp plant strain that is able to cut out these unwanted complications.

What Things Should You Be Aware Of Before Mixing CBD With Other Medication?

The first route of action of anyone who is currently taking CBD medication is to consult a doctor or a medical professional. They are knowledgeable to tell you what to do and what not to do when bringing CBD use into the mix.

Always be sure to take the smallest possible dose first. This will give you an idea as to how you are responding to the two working on you. Then gradually increase the dosage of CBD over a couple of weeks. Take note of the combined effects and be sure to stop when you start to feel difficulties of any sort. If you feel the situation worsening, be sure to head over to the doctor. Also, take note of the combined effect of CBD and the other medication when the difference apart of taking them is 5-7 hours.

The Final Note

The research that we are graced with today, says that CBD can be used alongside with other medications safely. The things talked about are to educate the reader on the possible effects, and the precautions they must take to ensure that their CBD journey is with the least amount of hiccups. This is a miracle drug that can change the way you view life and it would be a shame for you to pass it over, without realizing its potential.