Can CBD Extract Treat Anorexia?

CBD Oil And Anorexia
CBD Oil And Anorexia
CBD Oil And Anorexia
CBD Oil And Anorexia

Have you ever had the fear of gaining weight? You will be shocked to know that over 20 million women and 10 million men suffer from anorexia at least once in their life. This makes anorexia a common condition. Unfortunately, it is not taken seriously. The statistics are even more horrendous among college students. The National Institute of Mental Health said that around 25 percent of college students suffer from this eating disorder. It is surprising why people are not worried about a condition that has been reported to have a 12.8 percent mortality rate.

What Is Anorexia?

Anorexia is an eating disorder where the person suffering from it is too concerned about weight and what they eat. They resort to low-fat food or sometimes even do not eat properly, cutting their body out of the much needed nutrient supply. People suffering from this condition are often seen comparing their bodies with that of celebrities and work out immensely to burn fat.

Some of them even use laxatives or vomit the food they had to become skinny. This can lead to them becoming depressed.

What Causes Anorexia?

Biological Factors

Although scientists have not identified the specific genes responsible for anorexia, they have learned that the condition can be passed on in the family. Those who are sensitive, perfectionist, and persistent tend to have anorexia and these are characteristics that can be inherited.

Psychological Factor

Those who suffer from the obsessive compulsive disorder tend to think of themselves as fat even if they are thin. This feeling makes them work harder to become thin.

Social Factors

As said before, these people compare their bodies to that of celebrities who spend hours working out. Their aim to look like their role models misguides them to eat unhealthily.

Can CBD Treat Anorexia?

The relation between CBD oil and anorexia is still being researched. Since CBD is known to regulate appetite and reduce anxiety, which are two major causes of the condition, it has anecdotally gained trust.

Researchers have conducted studies on the effect of cannabis on cancer or HIV patients suffering from anorexia and it was observed to have increased their appetite. Even though CBD does not directly treat the condition, it does reduce the symptoms.

A study proved that when CBD reacts with the endocannabinoid system, it increases the appetite. According to another study conducted in 2014, THC in CBD extracts increase the pleasure of eating. Yet another study conducted on human subjects noticed that the weight of people increased when they were fed with CBD extract containing THC.  Therefore, it is safe to conclude that CBD extracts are effective in treating anorexia.