Can you Take CBD and Alcohol Together?

Misconceptions about CBD
Misconceptions about CBD
CBD And Alcohol
CBD And Alcohol

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the most discussed topics in the health and wellness industry these days. There are a lot of CBD products available out there, which claim to offer many health benefits to users. CBD is available in many different forms, such as oils, creams, tinctures, pills, etc. There are even CBD-infused protein bars, lip balms, and bath soaks.

Alcohol manufacturers are not lagging in following the trend as well. You can find many CBD-infused beers, shots, and other beverages today. However, is it safe to combine CBD with alcohol? Will doing so lead to serious intoxication? Will that cancel out the health benefits of CBD? Below is a quick look at the effects of mixing CBD with alcohol, which will answer these doubts.

Mixing CBD with Alcohol

CBD is derived from the cannabis plant. Studies say that CBD has many health benefits and can help to treat pain and inflammation, skin problems, epilepsy, anxiety, depression, etc. CBD does not have any psychoactive properties either, and is considered a safe, natural alternative for treating various health conditions.

Alcohol is well known for reducing inhibitions and promoting feelings of relaxation. CBD also has similar effects and can offer a calming and soothing effect on your body and the nervous system. It is seen that using CBD with alcohol can amplify the effects of relaxation and reduce stress and anxiety. A study found that taking 25mg to 75mg of CBD per day for a month helped to reduce anxiety as well as improved the sleep quality in the person. When it was coupled with alcohol, it intensified the effects, leading to increased sleepiness and sedation.

Some studies found that taking CBD and alcohol together led to changes in mood and behavior as well. It was seen that combining CBD with alcohol caused impairments in motor performance as well as alterations in the awareness of time. No such effects were seen when the participants took CBD alone.

CBD Can Counteract the Side Effects of Alcohol

A recent research found that mixing CBD with alcohol could help to prevent some of the negative effects of liquor. Excessive alcohol use can lead to cell damages, inflammation, as well as some chronic health issues like liver disease, pancreatitis, and a few types of cancer. The research established that CBD protected the cells from getting damaged due to alcohol consumption.

The study was carried out in rats, and it was seen that applying CBD creams helped to reduce brain cell damages caused by alcohol use by around 50%. It was also found that CBD oil infusion helped to protect against alcohol-induced fatty liver disease. However, it is not clear if the positive effects of CBD will offset the negatives of alcohol usage in humans. There is not much research to conclude the findings yet.

Another study involving humans found that CBD could help to reduce blood alcohol levels. A higher level of blood alcohol concentration can cause a loss of motor control as well as reduced cognitive function. The research found that a small percentage of the participants had significantly lower blood alcohol concentration when they used CBD with alcohol. Yet this is an old study and used nearly 5 to 10 times more CBD than what is recommended today for most people. Therefore, it is not certain if a normal dosage of CBD will have the same effects.

CBD Can Have Therapeutic Effects for Alcohol Addiction

Some studies say that CBD use can help to treat alcohol abuse and addiction. Animal tests have found that CBD helped to reduce alcohol addiction as well as the symptoms of withdrawal. It was even seen that using CBD helped to reduce the tendency to consume alcohol and prevent relapse. Researchers established that CBD helped to decrease alcohol intake as well.

Although researches on the effects of CBD in humans are limited, it was found that CBD use reduced the inclination to smoke cigarettes by around 40%. These results indicate that using CBD can help to curb addictive behaviors. Still, more high-quality researches are required to give any conclusive statement on the use of CBD with alcohol. As of now, it is established that CBD may reduce some of the side effects of alcohol consumption. Yet taking alcohol and CBD together can cause some adverse health effects too, such as sleepiness and sedation.

Note that the effects of CBD may vary from person to person as well as depending upon the dosage. Therefore, it is difficult to determine if mixing CBD with alcohol will have similar effects on all people. Moreover, most of the researches are based on consuming high amounts of alcohol with CBD. So it cannot be established whether CBD use with a few drinks will show the same effects. Simply put, there is not enough convincing evidence to prove anything. So, it will be better not to take CBD and alcohol together. Even if you decide to give it a try, make sure that the amounts of both CBD and alcohol are low, so that you do not experience any adverse side effects.