CBD Oil Vs Hemp Seed Oil

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If you go about finding the source of CBD oil and hemp seed oil, you will end up at the same place. Both the oils are extracted from hemp plants but from different parts of the plant and this difference leads to two oils having different properties and benefits.

Hemp is a plant that belongs to the cannabis family, and its seeds were a traditionally famous food supplement and fiber was used for industrial purposes. Hemp seed oil is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant while CBD oil is extracted from the leaves, flowers and stalk of the plant that is rich in cannabidiol.

Comparing The Health Benefits Of CBD Oil And Hemp Seed Oil

Both the oils promise better health, but in different ways. Hemp seed oil is famous for its nutritional profile owing to its high fat and mineral content. Promising studies are happening in the background to understand the potential of hemp seed oil in treating skin disorders and PMS symptoms. Vitamin E, fatty acids like linoleic acid, protein, minerals like sodium, potassium , iron , zinc etc are the major contents of hemp seed.

CBD oil is more a therapeutic medication than a food supplement and is used to treat several health disorders like pain, insomnia, inflammation etc to name a few.

Marketing Hemp Seed Oil As CBD Oil

Having realized the market possibilities of CBD oil, many fraudulent companies are marketing their hemp seed oils in the name of CBD oils. They tend to mix up terms like CBD and hemp seed intentionally or unintentionally that often misleads people to believing that they are buying CBD oil.

The reason why brands use this marketing technique is that CBD oils are expensive than hemp seed oils and due to the multiple benefits they offer, people are not hesitant to pay more for CBD oils.

In an attempt to avoid the FDA regulations, some brands market their marijuana or cannabis derived products as hemp-seed based ones.

To avoid the possible confusions, check the ingredients label thoroughly, and understand that hemp seed oil will be labeled as cannabis sativa seed oil while CBD is usually labeled as full-spectrum hemp, cannabidiol, hemp, PCR extracts or hemp oil.

If you have specific health conditions that requires CBD cure, using hemp seed oil cannot help improve the condition, which is why you have to make sure that you do not end up buying hemp seed oil instead of CBD oil, by being fooled by cunning market tactics.